Easier Website Addresses

Howdy, all! Many of you have mentioned that you have a hard time remembering this blog’s web address or making it work in your browser when you type it in (perhaps due to the lack of a preceding “www”). Well, it hit me today that I could redirect traffic from the two domain names that I have reserved in my own name, and that those addresses might be easier to remember. (I had grabbed them on GoDaddy.com some time back when Mr. Crockett and I first began talking about blogging. While I wasn’t yet convinced that I should start a blog, I had become convinced that it was foolish not to grab your own domain name if it was still available.)

I set up that forwarding redirection this morning and it now seems to be working. So if the current blog address has been giving you problems, try www.wallacegsmith.com or www.wallacegsmith.org. Both should bring you here.

[UPDATE, 10/14/2007: I saw that sometime today someone read this post, which has caused me to think I should update it.  I am now using one of these simpler addresses for my pastoral work with my congregations, while the other is in need of redirecting.  If you go to the “.com” address, you will still be able to access this blog, but it will take an additional click in the “public” area of the page once you get there.  The “.org” address should be redirected to the same location as the “.com” address, but I have to get my act together enough to do that.  Sorry if you have used one of these addresses and wondered what was going on!]

One thought on “Easier Website Addresses

  1. Larry Good



    Most broshers fill in the “www” and the “com”

    unless you’r runing an older IE.

    Firefox is nice to use as well.

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