Warning: Nerd Throwing Footballs

I have so many topics that I have wanted to write about today, but I don’t think I’m going to get to them before I go to sleep tonight (Daylight Savings Time fatigue and all that).  Especially since I feel compelled to offer this public service announcement…

Today, somewhere in east Missouri, a nerd was seen throwing footballs.  Early reports indicate that there was no restrictive enclosure, no protective fencing, and no qualified safety observer in place.  Anyone who might be driving or (even worse) walking in east Missouri is encouraged to wear protective head gear until the “all clear” is sounded and the nerd has safely found his way back to familiar territory amongst the calculators and math books that make up his natural habitat.

As the nerd in question, I can state that this is not a hoax.  You know, when our fourth son was born I realized that–eventually–I was going to have to throw a football.  And as remarkable as the weather was today, going outside and throwing something was hard to avoid.  So the kiddos and I hit the backyard with a couple of newly purchased footballs (no, I did not have any in the house) and messed around until the arrival of the one-hour-earlier-thanks-to-DST sundown.

The last time I remember seriously attempting to throw a football was a sad episode during my last year or two at Texas A&M.  A couple of friends of mine and I had staked out an area near their dorm for a good simple round of catch.  It was clear today that my skills have not improved over the last decade-or-so.  (No practice, no improvement… go figure!  There’s a sermonette about Bible study, prayer, or Christian living lurking in there somewhere…)

Skill or no skill, it was a lot of fun and the time was well spent.  Fortunately, my children were still impressed–and even though you know that the key factor in their “wow’s” and “oooooo’s” at your “amazing” throws is their total lack of knowledge about how a good throw is supposed to look, it still feels good to impress your kids.  And though I don’t know much, I was still able to teach some basics.

Still–when your little boy’s first football toss is a clean spiral that puts yours to shame, that hurts.

And it feels good, too.

Weird, huh?

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