After much counseling with others, I have finally decided to begin a blog.  I’ve read & heard enough to believe that it will be a helpful tool for my congregations, as well as potentially a tool to help others find and our television broadcast.  (Having a regular prod to do more writing is a plus, as well.)

I fear maintaining a blog will be very tiring (in the spirit of Ecc. 12:12)–at least if I try to make it a worthwhile blog.  There are so many good ones out there, and among the things exhibited by the best seem to be vast amounts time, effort, and talent.  As for time and effort, if my postings turnout to be profitable–for others due to their content, or for me due to the practice–then these could be sensible investments.  As for talent, I’m the me I’m stuck with (probably best to leave it there…).

But if having this little blog could, in any way, help more people find their way to our websites or telecast–in whatever way that would be possible–that would be worthwhile!  The preaching of the gospel–the real gospel, suffered for by so many of those who went before us, not the least of which was Jesus Christ–is worthy of all of our time, effort, and talent.  So, too, are the other efforts of the church: warning modern Israel and the world of the consequences sin does and will bring and feeding the growing flock of Christ.  So if this tiny, insignificant corner of the internet can contribute something to these efforts in these end times, then I pray that God uses it to do so!

Thanks for your attention.  I return you, now, to your regularly scheduled surfing.

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