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One journalist’s tale of being a prisoner of Al Qaeda in Syria

Not much else to write today, as I’d rather give your attention to the story I’m linking to. I normally ignore the links that Starbucks’ throws at me when I connect to their WiFi, but this one — the story of journalist Theo Padnos’ two years as a prisoner of of Al Qaeda in Syria — … Continue reading

Nice visit to beautiful Mt. Airy Forest in Cincinnati

After the previous two posts, attacking science magazine ads for their philosophical self-contradictions and attacking the entire multiverse, maybe I ought to step back a bit, huh? This past Sunday my family and I had a wonderful day hiking at Mt. Airy Forest in Cincinnati. It’s a beautiful place, especially this autumn, with a gorgeous display of … Continue reading

The Multiverse Kills Science

OK, bear with me a bit, today. Some of you may not be interested in this topic at all, but I’ve thought about it a lot and, well, it’s my blog. :) In yesterday’s post on the New Scientist ad, I referred to the multiverse concept in a couple of derogatory ways. The first was … Continue reading

Without God, what is outstanding about man?

I see that New Scientist magazine is advertising the newest issue of their anthology series, New Scientist: The Collection. This one is titled “The Human Species” and, as they describe it, it is… “A compilation of classic New Scientist articles, The Human Story explains how an ordinary ape evolved into the most remarkable species the Earth has ever … Continue reading

Think you understand what a “week” is? Maybe you don’t! (Actually, yes you do…)

Someone recently asked me a question that brought to mind a couple of thoughts about the structure and knowledge of the “week,” and I thought they might make for a nice blog post. As one who has encountered a number of weird, private calendar ideas, I would say that one of the most novel is the idea … Continue reading

Great site concerning Moon Landing conspiracies

We’re back from the Feast! Sort of. Physically, you get back, but (1) your mind still wanders to the amazing things you heard and experienced, and (2) there is a lot to do to get back up to speed with real life again. :) So, today my family and I jump into doing the second … Continue reading

Plain truth about “Prophets” from Herbert W. Armstrong

I was just studying a topic and came across, once again, Mr. Armstrong’s plain and simple explanation of what it means to have the office of Prophet. Ironically, it is given in a statement he makes explaining that he, himself, was not a prophet. And given that Christ prophesied that there would be “many” false … Continue reading

Another pleasant trip to Charlotte concluded

I’m finally back from Charlotte! Well, actually, I’ve been back since Friday last week, but the fact that we traveled straight to Akron to conduct services and a Bible Study and the need I had to finish an article for the Tomorrow’s World magazine by yesterday means that only now do I feel like I am really back. :) The trip went really well and … Continue reading

Are you watching the Middle East?

Just a quick hit today. Are you watching the Middle East? With ISIS filling the news, it almost seems a stupid question, but not really. If anything, the more something fills our screens, the more we can begin to tune it out. But have no doubts: Eventually the entire world will be focused on that … Continue reading

Islamic terrorists present youth with a serious “God.” Does Christianity?

On the LCG and Tomorrow’s World websites, they reran one of my old commentaries recently, “Smells like teen marketing” — from 2007, I think. I still agree with what it says, and I’m delighted they found it worth running again. It’s nice to feel useful, even if just a little bit! The piece is a bit dated, … Continue reading

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