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Some thoughts on the Sony hack and canceling “The Interview”

It’s been a while since I posted! Even this one I will keep brief. (Ha! Believe it or not, I do mean that when I say it. “Brief” is just hard for me. Even harder when I’m pressed for time. Ask Blaise Pascal about that.) I find all of this buzz about the hack of e-mails … Continue reading

STRATFOR: Europe Is Driving History

Thoughtful analysis, below, from George Friedman, founder and chairman of the global intelligence organization STRATFOR, as Friedman explains why he believes that Europe — not China, Russia, etc. — is the real driver of history, today. In the brief interview, he focuses on the reemergence of nationalism amongst the EU countries (“when Europe gets nationalistic, the … Continue reading

The Pope visits the EU Parliament (plus, what does “antipope” mean?)

There’s a lot of buzz about Pope Francis’ upcoming speech to the European Parliament this week, and understandably so. Some in Europe are bothered that a religious leader is being invited to speak before a “secular body” to begin with. But, as Martin Schulz, head of the European Parliament, said in an opinion piece in … Continue reading

So, have they really found a “gay gene”?

New Scientist this week published a report on the ongoing search for a “gay gene” focusing on what is seen as the most promising candidates for such a thing in men: gene markers in the Xq28 region of the X chromosome and in the 8q12 region of chromosome 8. As is to be expected of … Continue reading

Council of Elders, Telecasts, Webcasts, Orajel, Pit Bulls, Oh My!

Howdy! Back again from a very profitable trip to Charlotte. I like to post a bit after such trips on how things went, and I will now commence to doing so. Will try to keep it brief, as regular pastorin’ duties are a callin’, but this should be a nice break. The Council of Elders … Continue reading

Quick comment on election results

The results of this week’s election are all the talk in the news. And understandably so. It is a big deal in that it was a reflection of major discontent with the President. While he wasn’t technically on the ballot, he was sort of on the ballot. Even major Democratic-sympathizing news sources are recognizing the election … Continue reading

Alan Turing, flawed heroes, and the nature of reality

You know, I look at the title I just wrote and it makes it seem as though this will be a monster post of amazing depth and insight. Don’t get your hopes up. :) I am busy working on a couple of Tomorrow’s World scripts for taping next week (one on the biblical “Man of Sin” … Continue reading

Does 1 Timothy 4:14 say that Timothy was given the gift of prophecy by the laying on of hands?

I’m been a bit bloggier this week than I have been for a while, and it’s been sort of a potpourri of different things. Talking about unbiblical calendar ideas on the 23rd (OK, that’s a little more than a week ago), then attacking New Scientist’s ad and the intellectual dishonesty of treating man, apart from God, … Continue reading

Pleaded vs. Pled: can’t we all just get along?

Matthew 5:9 tells us, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” In that spirit, knowing how much contention is out there on this vitally important topic, let me point those of you who need guidance–nay, a peace that will finally be provided to your warring souls–to this article: “Pleaded vs. Pled” … Continue reading

One journalist’s tale of being a prisoner of Al Qaeda in Syria

Not much else to write today, as I’d rather give your attention to the story I’m linking to. I normally ignore the links that Starbucks’ throws at me when I connect to their WiFi, but this one — the story of journalist Theo Padnos’ two years as a prisoner of of Al Qaeda in Syria — … Continue reading

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