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Review of Michael Behe’s Intelligent Design lecture in Cincinnati

I had an unexpected opportunity last Sunday night to attend a lecture by Intelligent Design theory advocate Michael J. Behe — professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University and author of the watershed Intelligent Design work Darwin’s Black Box. He had been invited to speak at the Schilling School for Gifted Children here in Cincinnati. SW and, I believe, CR … Continue reading

One or two spaces after a period? The controversy continues…

I have so much I want to blog about right now! I would like to post something on the presentation I attended last Sunday night featuring Intelligent Design advocate Michael Behe, and the review commentary I wrote about the Noah movie (spoiler: pro-Satan propaganda) has motivated some interesting comments, and I would love to post some additional … Continue reading

Britain’s modern Molech revival

The Bible contains many warnings to ancient Israel concerning an abhorrent practice of the Canaanites, who had previously possessed the land God had given them. We see one such example in Leviticus 18:21, “You shall not let any of your descendants pass through the fire to Molech…” It was an abominable practice, in which people sought … Continue reading

AWOL on “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey”

Well, I feel I am somehow doing a disservice and failing at my “job” by not writing much about the new series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson. I love science, and I love writing about it (hence the Works of His Hands articles for the Tomorrow’s World magazine–the newest of which I am currently late … Continue reading

Happy Pi Day! (Teach the controversy…)

Happy Pi Day! Indeed, today is 3/14 — a day we set aside across the globe to remember that beautiful number π = 3.14159265…, the ratio of every circle’s circumference to its diameter. Yet, it isn’t a day without its controversies. [Imagine music turning ominous...] As I have mentioned before, there is a very good argument … Continue reading

Techniques of Non-Prophets: Wax Fruit

It has been a while since I have contributed to this series, and now that I have rediscovered my blog I thought it would be nice to submit another entry. Here are links to the first few: Techniques of Non-Prophets: Arbitrage through Tautology Techniques of Non-Prophets: The Speculation/Prophecy Two-Step Techniques of Non-Prophets: Got Me a Title! Today, we … Continue reading

Great visit in Charlotte (and some TW “behind the scenes” comments)

Wow, look! I have a blog! I didn’t know that! OK, well, I did know that. But when you don’t post for nearly a month, you might as well have forgotten. :) My trip to Charlotte went wonderfully last week, and for those of you who were aware of it and who prayed about it, thank … Continue reading

News Reporting Fail: The National Science Foundation Survey

The National Science Foundation has published the results of a survey it conducts from time to time as an “assessment” of Americans’ scientific knowledge. However, some of the sloppy reporting of the results confuses belief with knowledge. For instance, ABC News online article completely twists the results. In one paragraph, they report: “Only 39 percent … Continue reading

Sweden’s brats

I get some flack from time to time here on the Internet because I am not opposed to corporal punishment of children by their parents when done in a loving and appropriate manner. (Aside: Yes, I know… Some of you who will come across this post believe that “loving, appropriate corporal punishment” is one big … Continue reading

Final Thoughts on the Nye / Ham Debate

Thanks to everyone for their comments on the previous post. From what I see here and on Facebook and in some discussions here and there, it seems as though insights and opinions differ, but not too starkly. I mentioned then that I would share my own thoughts, so I will do that in this post. … Continue reading

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